APP prompt “offline”when you add camera

Here are solutions that may help in IP cam connection by using an Ethernet cable:


1. Make sure the yellow LED on the cable connector is flashing. If not, the connection between the camera and the router is still off. 

Double check to ensure both two ends of routers securely connected, or try other ports on the router.


2. Make sure your mobile phone connects to same router or same LAN which the camera cable connects with.


3. Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router. 


4. NO MAC filter enabled on your router. Or you need to disable MAC filter temporarily before configuring camera successfully .


5. When you switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi on the app, it will ask for Wi-Fi password, make sure the provided Wi-Fi password 

is correct. Otherwise,you will see the camera gets offline.Unplug the Ethernet cable and plug back again. Wait for a while, the 

camera will go online through the Ethernet cable. For solving Wi-Fi setting issue please check:






More company information

Unified service hotline

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